10 Reasons Why Project Management is like Bartending

the bartending project manager


10) Entering a food order into the POS is remarkably familiar to creating a ticket in Pivotal Tracker.

9) Showing a customer a food menu is just like showing a client your company’s portfolio page.


8) Letting a customer design their own pizza is great, but limit them to 5 or 6 toppings. When managing software, don’t let more features than you can test well roll out in a week .


7) If you find a bug in the software, you’d better let the client know you are going to fix it. If you find a bug in a customer’s beer, just start pouring a new one.


6) I don’t think you can effectively project manage while you are “WFH”. You definitely can’t pour beer from home either.


5) The first round of drinks is your beta, the appetizer is the soft-launch, the full meal is the production launch, and the dessert is a contract renewal.


4) Showing a customer the kitchen is great, if you have a nice kitchen. Showing a client your office is great, if you have a nice office.


3) If you use Pair Programming, don’t use that as a selling point in a project plan. If you pair pour beer, don’t do that again ever.


2) Using the final product after launch is just like having your “shift” beer.


1) You can sample the beer and call it user testing.